Ready To Begin A Journey To Aim And Reclaim


Ready to begin a Journey to Aim and Reclaim?  So the first question is.  Begin What?  That is the question a lot of us need to answer, especially if you are feeling stuck, tired and overwhelmed.


You landed here on my page for a reason and I am going to help you find it.  STOP for a minute in your what you are doing and think, ARE YOU READY TO BEGIN!


Do you need to make more money.

Are You are struggling to move ahead,

Want a change so bad it aches in your bones

I can feel your pain,  that was where I was, so angry and wanting to burst.  This was something I didn’t understand why but now I do.  I started seeing things differently when I began my new Journey to Aim and Reclaim who I was again.  It came from the things around me that I loved.   I found passion again and want to share that with others.  It is the best feeling in the world.  Let’s chat to see where your journey can go.  Chat with Sandy Mangis  


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Do you have that feeling like there is more to life then what you are doing right now.  You think you have it all, but it just doesn’t feel right.  That was me, and I didn’t know what it was that made me feel that way.

Are you ready to begin?


Until you fully accept that YOU DO CREATE your life, your experiences, your interactions, your business results ($$$ money), your health, your relationships……


….you will be a VICTIM.  


You will feel like a Victim.   It will feel like the world is not fair and you will throw down every single excuse out there as to WHY you don’t have the life you want.  Why you don’t have more clients enrolled

… WHY you cannot raise your prices

… or WHY sales are “icky”

… Why you do not have the time and freedom you crave.


You will act as a Victim to the experiences around you.  You will feel trapped, stuck, & frustrated.


>>When REALLY it’s the exact opposite.  The experiences around you ARE ONLY Happening because of the beliefs that you hold.  They are your evidence.  It is your mirror  to your inner world. When it starts to slap you back — > That is when you are ready to begin. 


These are all linked to Inner BELIEFS that shape our subconscious mind and then habits we have formed through our lives.   Your breakthrough awaits you!   CHANGE comes from the inside.  The inner beliefs need to change, for you to be a match to your new goals.


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Being an Entrepreneur is a great accomplishment, anyone can do it if they get started in the right direction.   I have a vision of my life and I know you do too. Maybe being afraid of showing who you are and digging deep down to find out who you want to be, can be your deciding factor.


Here is the definition of Entrepreneur and why they are ready to begin:



“It is living a few years of your life-like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life-like most can’t!”


Dreams do not die, they just are just buried in the back of your mind!   Opportunities are everywhere for everyone who are seeking them out and make them happen.  People undervalue what they know, and that being a messenger is part of our life’s purpose.  To learn and experience the world, and then turn and lend a hand to others who are also trying to get ahead.


>>If you struggled against something and survived, then you should share that with others for them to do the same.

>>if you have achieved the impossible, make it possible for others to achieve the same.

>if you have cracked the code to success in any area of life, why not give everyone the secret?


Are you ready to begin?


  •  Looking for that second income or replacing an income?
  • Are you a working professional & want to go to the next level in your career?
  • Feel stuck at the top of the ladder, yet have more to give?
  • Are you looking to make a transition in your career?
  • Wanting to find your purpose in life
  • Are you stuck and debating on leaving or staying at your job
  • Wanting to understand why things are not working when you try so hard
  • Are you wanting to break free from the same beliefs that keep holding you back

What if instead you are looking for….

  • Create a way to decrease debt with residual income.
  • Having unlimited options on the ladder of success
  • Looking for a place to build more in your time frame
  • Wanting to build a more complete resume
  • Filling the Empty nest with excitement
  • Looking for more than what is offered
  • Learn from the ones doing it and willing to teach
  • Overcome the objections, fears and conflicts of the past


Stop making those excuses that you don’t know where to start?


I invite you to Come learn how to begin.  


Start expanding on your potential, one step at a time, overcome your objections, fears and conflicts, to create a presence that will give you the direction to effectively create An Online Business.


It is time for you to BEGIN


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